Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven: Creating Instructional Materials — Learning Objectives

  1. List and explain the parts of a lesson plan.
  2. Describe the parts of a facilitator guide and a participant’s workbook.
  3. Identify the unique aspects involved in creating e-learning content.
  4. Appraise the importance of both a soft and a hard rollout of a training program.
  5. Differentiate between off-the-shelf training materials and personally created training materials.

Tools Mentioned in this Chapter

Tool 7.1 – Lesson Plan

Tool 7.2 – Facilitator Guide Template

Tool 7.3 – eLearning Template

Facilitator Guide Icons – Note – The icons are available as .png, ai, .svg, and .eps files in a single zip file. The Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 is also included in the zip file.

Other Resources

As discussed in Chapter Seven, ensuring colors contrast when laid on top of each other is extremely important in graphic design. Figure 7.1 in the book showed some common combinations. Here is the colored version of that graphic.

This image shows some common color combination problems.