About the Book

raining and Development: The Intersection of Communication & Talent Development in the Modern Workplace highlights the amazing world of training and development (T&D) while exploring the two baswic factors related to it. Written by a unique combination of authors with education, communication, and industrial/organizational psychology backgrounds, Training and Development is an informative, scholarly, and practical publication for undergraduate courses and professional use.

Training and Development: The Intersection of Communication & Talent Development in the Modern Workplace:

• Emphasizes communication as the central driving force for training and human performance improvement.

• Presents best practices and strategies modern T&D professionals have developed for both creating and delivering training programs and performance improvement interventions.

• Provides an overview of the modern T&D field, its major organizations, key luminaries, and best practices used by today’s T&D professionals.

• Fuses practical informatoin with scholarly research to help the reader understand and fine-tune best practices.

• Is practical! The publication provides many ideas and downloadable tools (worksheets, templates, etc.) that readers can use to create T&D projects (right on this website).

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Workplace Learning
CHAPTER 2: How People Learn
CHAPTER 3: Analysis Phase
CHAPTER 4: Design Phase
CHAPTER 5: Communication Training
CHAPTER 6: Development Phase
CHAPTER 7: Creating Instructional Materials
CHAPTER 8: Creative Training Techniques
CHAPTER 9: Implementation Phase
CHAPTER 10: Evaluation Phase
CHAPTER 11: Learning Transfer
CHAPTER 12: The Special Case of eLearning
CHAPTER 13: Human Performance Improvement and Coaching
CHAPTER 14: Managing the Learning Function
CHAPTER 15: Workplace Learning and Performance Professionals
APPENDIX A: Project Management for Training and Development Professionals
APPENDIX B: Conflict Management Skills Training